Expedition boxes and stop motion boxes for teachers

Schülerinnen mit den Expeditionskisten

Diverse possibilities for teachers to arrange project days and project works

As a teacher you have the possibility to lend our expedition boxes for free. The boxes are available for a couple of days and up to four weeks as required.
Besides expedition boxes with marine topics such as plankton, benthos, plastic or marine mammals, we have boxes with the topics soil, water bodies and insects. Students can film movies with the stop motion box from the art:lab.

Expedition boxes on natural scientific topics:

  • Plankton (1x)
    The material of this box helps students to classify phytoplankton and zooplankton and measure the density of plankton, for instance.
  • Benthos (2x)
    The benthos-box helps students to classify animals. Moreover, they can carry out experiments on the filtration of mussels or on the camouflage abilities of prawns. Therefore, they are provided with a small aquarium with filters. Additionally, two different grabs for soil samples (Ekman-Birge-grab und van-Veen-grab) and nets for the collection of benthic organisms as well as waders can be borrowed.
  • Marine chemistry (2x)
    The material of this box allows measurements of oxygen, nitrogen, nitrate and phosphorous. Further, this box helps students to carry out experiments on ocean acidification.
  • Marine physics (1x)
    With this box, students are able to look at Baltic Sea models. Additional equipment for measurements is included as well.
  • Plastic (2x)
    The plastic-box helps to investigate macro- and microplastic.
  • Fish (1x)
    This box contains material for a fish autopsy, such as washing bowls, a dissecting set, white coats and gloves.
  • Marine mammals (1x)
    This box helps to carry out fascinating experiments on diving physiology, plastic pollution or acoustics under water.
  • Skeleton of a harbor porpoise (1x)
    With the help of a computer simulation, boys and girls can construct a real skeleton of a harbor porpoise.
  • Soil chemistry and physics (1x)
  • Soil compaction measuring instrument (1x)
  • Soil biology (1x)
  • Fresh water chemistry (1x)
  • Fresh water biology (1x)
  • Flower-visiting insects (1x)

Equipment of the expedition boxes

All boxes contain material for an extensive school project. Additionally, microscopes and binoculars can be lent. We can also provide you with different lecture notes on numerous experiment suggestions and reference books.

Stop motion boxes

Besides the natural scientific boxes, the art:lab lends five stop motion boxes with all the equipment for a simple cartoon. This includes tablets, crafting material, extension cable, power supply units and scripts.