The baltic sea as a habitat (classes 3 to 6)

Living in a unique habitat

The baltic sea is a unique habitat. Changing abiotic conditions such as salinity requires highly flexible organisms. The main investigations of this program focus on the inhabitants of the baltic sea and their strong links among themselves.

Starting with plankton, the groups investigate the different levels of the food web and their importance for each other. The intervention of humans into the ecosystem baltic sea and the consequences shall also be considered.

  • Why is the Baltic Sea water sometimes sweet and sometimes salty?
  • What does the blue mussel have to do with the starfish?
  • What is plankton and why is it so important?
  • How does plastic waste find its way into the ocean?
  • Is noise pollution a problem for harbor porpoises?

In consultation with us, different topics can be chosen with an individual focus.

Schülerinnen im Angebot Die Ostsee als Lebensraum des ozean:labors
Schülerinnen und Schüler im Angebot Die Ostsee als Lebensraum im ozean:labor