The ocean as an ecosystem and anthropogenic influences (classes 7 to 10)

Ecosystem Ocean – a fascinating habitat

The ecosystem ocean represents a fascinating habitat. So far, 95 % of the ocean have not been investigated yet and it consistently offers new question for researchers. The economic use of oceanic resources gets more important. At the same time, this increases hazards for the biotopes.

Exploring hazards for the oceanic habitat

The offer provides a holistic investigation of the ecosystem ocean where not only biological aspects are considered. The interdisciplinary program deals with biotic and abiotic factors of the habitat.

Based on technical fundamentals, students explore hazards for the oceanic habitat. They search for causes as well as possible solutions. Besides contamination through plastic waste and noise, also effects of climate change on the ecosystem are considered. Moreover, the topic eutrophication will be discussed.

This program from the ocean:lab can also be visited by students from classes 10 to 13. Further information here.